MASTERMIND cross-platform Voice AI Assistant Description

Mastermind is a cross-platform Voice AI Assistant that stitches together content and services from your smartphone apps and cloud services into actionable interactions across any voice enabled device such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Mastermind lets you send and read SMS text messages, make and answer phone calls, get caller ID, find your phone, get notifications and launch apps on your mobile device and television via Alexa and Google Assistant voice-enabled devices.


Mastermind connects your smartphone, personal computer, and television to Alexa and Google Assistant voice-enabled devices (Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Alexa on phones, Google Home, Google Mini, Google Assistant on phones, Android Auto in cars)

  • Send and receive SMS text messages
  • Initiate and Answer phone calls
  • Find your phone
  • Get Caller ID
  • Read and manage all app notifications whether they come from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email, FB Messenger, Uber, Netflix, Youtube or any other app!
  • Cast photos and phone notifications to Chromecast TV
  • Get phone battery charge, data usage stats and app usage stats
  • Turn on Wifi, Bluetooth and Do not disturb
  • Launch Mobile Apps
  • Start Google Maps navigation
  • Send articles from your phone and personal computer to Alexa to read aloud
  • See your phone’s notifications, text messages, and phone calls on your personal computer

Watch a video of how to use Mastermind: and subscribe to the Mastermind Youtube channel:

Download the Mastermind Bots: and follow Mastermind on Facebook:


6 reasons to try out Mastermind:

When your phone rings, say “Alexa/Hey Google, Ask Mastermind Who’s Calling?”. To send unwanted calls to voicemail, say “Alexa, Ask Mastermind to Reject Call”.

When you want to send a quick text message, say “Alexa/Hey Google, Ask Mastermind to Send Message”. Then say the full contact name and message and Mastermind will send the message using your carrier phone number no matter which carrier you have or which part of the world you are in.

To make a hands-free phone call, say “Alexa/Hey Google, Ask Mastermind to Make Phone Call”. Then say the contact name and Mastermind will initiate the call from your phone or make a hands-free bluetooth call from a connected bluetooth speaker using your phone.

When your phone dings, say “Alexa/Hey Google, Ask Mastermind What Was That?” to find out what the notification was. Mastermind will read out the email, Facebook update, WhatsApp message, Tweet, Instagram post or any notification instantaneously without you reaching for your phone.

Can’t find your phone? Just say “Alexa/Hey Google, Ask Mastermind to Call My Phone”.

First thing in the morning, say “Alexa/Hey Google, Ask Mastermind to Get My Status Update”. Then listen to your phone’s battery charge status, new text messages, notifications, and upcoming calendar events.


Mastermind currently works on the following platforms:

  • Amazon Echo
  • Echo Dot
  • Amazon Tap
  • Google Android Phones and Tablets (5.0 Lollipop and above)
  • Google Chromecast TV
  • Google Chrome
  • Any Alexa Voice Enabled app or device (e.g. Logitech ZeroTouch Car Mount, Reverb app)
  • Google Home
  • Google Mini
  • Google Max
  • Google Assistant on phones
  • Android Auto in cars

  • NOTE: iOS support coming in December 2018


Mastermind is powered by the Convessa Connected Conversational Platform. Convessa is the most powerful enterprise-grade connected conversational platform available. Learn more at Mastermind takes your security and privacy very seriously. Mastermind uses Convessa’s enterprise-grade, end-to-end encryption to make sure that all of your information is safe from prying eyes.

Dan McCafferty and Nik Bhattacharya are the co-creators of MASTERMIND and co-founded Convessa.

12 thoughts on “MASTERMIND cross-platform Voice AI Assistant Description

    • Nik Bhattacharya Post authorReply

      Hi David,

      It will most likely cost $20 for an entire year of unlimited service. We will release out of beta this summer.



  1. MasterOfArts Reply


    Will mastermind still continue even though Amazon are adding new calling features etc in near future?

    • Nik Bhattacharya Post authorReply

      Great question. Amazon has their own calling/messaging platform. Mastermind supports SMS text messaging and calling through your phone carrier (regardless of which carrier you use). It does not require others to download the Echo app either.

      We think the Amazon calling/messaging capability is very cool (hopefully they will open their bluetooth capabilities to skill devs so we can call using bluetooth pairing between your phone/Echo). But our belief is that we still have a very strong value proposition to our users who want to control their phones through Alexa.

      Hope that helps!

      Nik Bhattacharya
      Co Founder of Mastermind

  2. Neon Boy Reply

    Thanks for letting me into the beta! Quick question: when it’s released into the full version, do I immediately lose the ability to use this service until I pay, or does it warn me and give me a week or so?

    • Nik Bhattacharya Post authorReply


      You will definitely get a warning a couple weeks before. We won’t just cut off our free beta users. We may even run promos for the free beta users to give a price discount (we are currently thinking an annual fee in the range of $20 per year).

      Hope that answers your question!

      Nik Bhattacharya
      Co Founder of Mastermind

  3. Scott A Davis Reply

    The “Killer App”
    Well Done on this guys. I paid for the closed beta 5 minutes after using it. The endpoint control was the last piece in the Alexa puzzle.
    Have I lost my mind or did I see an update anouncing a desktop app? Im going on 36 hours no sleep so it could have been a figment of my tired mind. Now I cant seem to remember where I saw it or how to get the app. Help and old tired tech out and let me know please. 🙂

  4. A. Sabry Reply

    Great app guys!!
    I’m just wondering if mastermind can now launch youtube, will it be able to use the casting capability youtube already has to smart tvs in the future? as that would be pretty handy.

    A. Sabry

  5. Curtis Reply

    Hi there, this skill looks amazing and I look forward to trying it. I notice it’s not available in Canada right now, any word on when it will be? Very excited to use Mastermind, hope I don’t have to wait long!

  6. Jeanne Cavender Reply

    Can you shorten the activation phrase by the time you say alexa ask mastermind to accept phone call you have already missed the call

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